Baseball T-Shirt


Outfitted for Warriors offers Custom Shirts that allow friends and family to show support for someone who needs it. Someone battling cancer, or other life threatening aliment or disease. All of our proceeds are donated to The Jackson Scott Bates Foundation so they may empower and provide cheer for children who are battling life threatening diseases themselves, through super hero capes.

See color, badge and font options below.

Shirt Size

Adult x-small, Adult small, Adult medium, Adult large, Adult XL, Adult 2XL, Adult 3XL, Adult 4XL, Youth small, Youth medium, Youth large, Youth XL, Toddler 2T, Toddler 3T, Toddler 4T

Shirt Color

Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Heather Grey, Gold, Pink, Charcoal, Black, White

Applique Shape

Armor, Badge, Coat of Arms, Army, Rhumb, Guard, Super

Applique Color

Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Silver, Gold, Pink, White Opal, Black, White, Holographic, Dark Holographic

Applique Font

Mission, Strong, Fighters, Warriors, Believers, Power, Journey, Crusade

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