From Super Hero to
Super Warrior


Jackson Scott Bates

Jackson was diagnosed with Anaplastic Astrocytoma when he was 10 years old. Before that Jackson was just like most young boys, sweet, mischievous, kind, forgetful, fun, naughty, and all the other adjectives that describe any other youngster. Jackson loves to ride his bike, play video games, and swim. He loves animals, both real and stuffed. He likes school, specifically science and math, was a cub scout and crossed the bridge to become a boy scout. Just before Jackson became ill, he had found a passion for acting and performing after taking dance lessons and having a small part in the school play. Jackson has never met a stranger, never shy, always curious and always willing to offer help. Throughout Jackson's cancer journey he has maintained his wonderful sense of humor, shown an amazing positive attitude, but most of all an incredible outpouring of love and selflessness.

What is the Jackson Scott Bates Foundation?


Jackson has spent a great deal of time in the hospital since being diagnosed with brain cancer. During these stays we found that there are numerous programs for these kids to entertain and comfort them. Jackson has loved the many hours spent with the Child Life specialist, playing games, creating projects and elevating boredom. He also received countless pillows, stuffed animals, toys, books and such to both entertain and comfort him.

The one aspect that was lacking was encouragement. "Words" are easy to say; "be strong", "have courage", "keep the faith", "there is always hope"; but what child truly understands these concepts. Children need something tangible; something to relate too. Most every child knows of superheroes. Put on a superhero cape and leap tall buildings, conquer the universe and defeat arch villains.


The goals of The Jackson Scott Bates Foundation are to bring encouragement to children who have to fight for their lives every single day, to empower them with inner qualities to face the unknown, and to educate the public of these children and their fight.


Jackson’s Family

Jackson's family includes mom, Virginia; dad, Eric and little brother, Parker; and a large assortment of grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Before Jackson became ill, his family was like most families; Mom and Dad worked, Jackson went to school, and Parker went to daycare. The family enjoyed sporting events, amusement parks, movies and spending time with friends and family. When Jackson was diagnosed with cancer, The Bates family's world changed. Mom quit her job to become Jackson's full-time care giver, Dad worked longer hours to provide for the family and Parker learned to adapt to a very new confusing world around him. Through Jackson's journey, the family has seen such an outpouring of love and support not only from family and friends but from strangers the world over. The generosity of so many has helped the family throughout this trying time.


A message from Our Founder

Julene Franklin, Jackson’s Grandmother

When we were told that Jackson had cancer, one of my first thought was "how was I going to fix this?" Realistically, I knew that I couldn't change what was happening, but that I could only ease the pain. As Jackson's grandmother I felt I had to do something for Jackson and all the other children like him. These children have lost the innocence that should surround them during childhood, and I wanted to do something to give them back, even for just a few moments that joy of being a kid.

Years ago, in my craftiness, I made Jackson a superhero cape. With his excitement and encouragement, I started making all kinds of capes. CapeTastic was created. Over the years I have seen children transform from ordinary kids to mighty warriors that can conquer the meanest of villains, with eagerness and enthusiasm to face the unknown. Why not try to see if a cape might provide even an ounce of strength, a bit of courage, a glimmer of hope and moment of faith to a sick child. Sometimes the best medicine is not a drug or treatment, but the fighting spirit within.

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